Trico Centre for Family Wellness, Phases I & II

Phase One involved an extensive review of the existing facility and identified opportunities to renovate and effectively turn the business model around. After several years in the red, this addition turned the business model into the black after one year.

Phase Two provided an opportunity to expand the arena with a second arena and provide a new entrance and presence in the community. The new addition draws and welcomes the users with a large drop off area. A new prominent and dramatic entrance and accessible ramp simplifying the once disjointed access and circulation. Food services and social spaces were added to give the facility a greater sense of community and a stronger internal gathering and social space.

Phase three addressed the only area that had be avoided in the previous renovations. After an extensive facility evaluation, Gibbs Gage Architects undertook a refurbishment that replaced outdated pool sanitation and filtration equipment, redesign of the whirlpool, relining of the wave pool basin walls and floors and an overall refresh of the finishes of the space. The design focused on creating more use of the wave pool by including a soft walk floor to allow for ease of use for older adults and children. Enhanced lighting and acoustic attenuation creates a brighter, fresher and more user friendly environment for all of the users of the Trico Centre.

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    City of Calgary
  • Project Highlights:

    Multi-purpose spaces

    Running track

    Fitness space

    Arena & locker rooms


    New entrance

    Food services

    Family change rooms
  • Awards:

    The City of Calgary - Calgary Awards, Award of Accessibility
  • Sustainability:

    LEED Certified
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