Sun Life Plaza

Comprehensive integration was at the core of our team’s approach for this renovation project to ensure that the numerous spaces are directly tied to one another. This was done using a bespoke design guideline that addresses aesthetics as well as values, to create a well-defined identity encompassing all elements of the design. The phrase “refined industrial meets playful placemaking” is the foundation for this guideline.

The notion of identity is tangible throughout the project in a number of scales and functions. This is obvious from the moment of external observation, as the limited exterior intervention has been used to highlight and celebrate the entrance to each tower with large architectural elements that signify their importance. The atrium entrance is emphasized further with an iconic sculptural pavilion, reflecting the central focus of the complex and its community values. Inside the building, each of the tower cores – all visible from the atrium – is uniquely branded to enhance wayfinding within the large space. Building branding and tenant signage are dispersed throughout to acknowledge the individuality of the tenants who call this space “home.”

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    Interior Design
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    Aspen Properties