River Landing

River Landing is located in the south downtown area of the City of Saskatoon. The overall development proposal includes two Office Towers, a Hotel building and a Condo building. The four proposed buildings are distributed around the Northern perimeter of a central landscaped park feature, creating views towards the River from all of the proposed buildings, while providing a generous and bright public gathering space.

The project aims to become a key destination within the City, offering a range of complementary land uses which will further attract business, visitors and the general public to the River Landing area. The effect of these diverse uses will be to animate the site and generate a day and night use cycle that will be continuous throughout the year. To further accentuate this positive effect, the ground floor levels of the proposed buildings include a variety of amenities such as shops, restaurants, amenity spaces, cafes and lobby functions.

The style and concepts used in the design of the building and public spaces are inspired by prairie elements distinctive of Saskatoon and the landscape that surrounds and flows through the City. The wind and the effects of the wind, the flow of the South Saskatchewan river, vibrant and expansive prairie skies, natural and man-made landscapes and patterns, along with the physical context surrounding the site are all concepts and items that influenced the design of the building and the surrounding landscape.

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