Palliser East & West

These twin 30 story towers framing the Calgary Tower Icon represent an additional 1.4M sq.ft of addition office and retail space along side of Calgary's most photographed building. The towers are designed to both respect the Calgary Tower and enhance its profile on the City skyline with lighting massing that opens sight lines around the base of the building drawing and framing the view of the Calgary tower. With an exciting and active urban edge at the plaza, the Palliser complex proposes to be a true destination to Calgary. Around the base of the Calgary Tower is a dramatic 3 story sky lit atrium and winter garden that provides a much needed social heart to the iconic Centre of Calgary. The design of the tower unites 2 other buildings into a significant campus of buildings. The atrium also provides a much needed connection across the CPR tracks to the Beltline with an elevated link to 10th st. As a whole this project announces Calgary as vibrant, mixed use and inspirational cultural and business destination.