Dorian Hotel

Gibbs Gage Architects were excited to work with PBA Land Development on the Hotel project that started in 2014. As part of a due diligence exercise, GGA raised the issue of the requirement to meet the ‘Exceptional Design’ criteria in order to achieve the required density for the project, along with various other challenges, including traffic circulation and challenges with a dual-brand hotel and restaurant on the small site that abuts one of the largest privately owned sites in the city.

‘Exceptional Design’ is part of the City of Calgary's bonusing structure, where developers are incentivized to build projects that contribute to the City in terms of pedestrian experience and generally improving the environment in the city. All project team members firmly believe that this project, being the first approved for 'Exceptional Design' in Calgary, has set the bar sufficiently high to continue to elevate the standard of buildings in Calgary.

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    PBA Land Developments