Vivo for Healthier Generations (formerly Cardel Place)

Cardel Place was designed to respond to a landscape that slopes 5m across the designated site. The entrance from the west provides the more social components of the facility and is linked with a grand hall down a playful ramp to the athletic level. A separate entrance to the west provides an extended operation for the arenas on the west of the building. The form reflects the unique rugged geography of the area.

A Joint Venture with CannonDesign

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    City of Calgary, Nose Creek Sports & Recreation Association, Calgary Public Library
  • Project Highlights:

    Ice Rinks


    Fitness Centre


    Multi-purpose Spaces

    Leisure Pool

    Hot Tub

    Zero Beach

    Lazy River

    Spray Toys

    Climbing Wall

    Public Library
  • Awards:

    Recreation Management Magazine Award - Innovative Architecture & Design Award
  • Sustainability:

    Cardel Place was Alberta’s first LEED® Gold building
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