We are committed to building places for people to lead healthy, meaningful lives in a sustainable and responsible environment.

The built environment has great potential to make an immense difference in the amount of energy required to accommodate the needs of our communities.

We at GGA understand the importance of sustainable and responsible design. We understand the importance of sustainability in today's architecture and design industry, acknowledging the relevance of this directly through our actions. We approach sustainability in an integrated manner, looking holistically at the total project.

To us, creating sustainable and responsible solutions is more than implementing current trends and technologies. It acknowledges the need for responsive and adaptable design that is financially, environmentally and socially responsible for years to come. Implicit in all our designs are responsible decisions founded in careful research and analysis. Whether designing the first LEED Gold building in Southern Alberta, being part of the team to design and implement the first LEED Platinum certified high-rise project in Calgary, or designing a community centre to be one of the most inclusive facilities in Calgary, our design decisions are made collaboratively with our clients.

We see sustainability as a way of life.