We listen. We discuss. We resolve.

We believe that a well designed building is the product of an experienced Design Team that listens closely to the client's needs and then guides an effective and understandable design process. We utilize a collaborative and integrated approach which includes the client and the users as contributing team members.

We approach the design from the outside in and the inside out. Whether you are planning a new community or campus or contemplating tenant improvements or renovations to an existing building, we have the talent and experience to deliver superior solutions.

We have developed a comprehensive process that we tailor to each individual project. This process is supported by a wide range of tools and techniques to ensure innovation and quality is applied every step of the way. Examples include our 'Fundamental Systems Matrix' used to prepare project specifications early in the life of a project and the use of physical models that we build in our state-of-the-art model shop located in our building.